S&A Management

A Commercial Property Management Company

Our Services

firefox-gray S&A Management include the following:

  • Property Management
  • Payment to all vendors
  • Collection of Rents
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Mortgage, insurance and taxes payment
  • Regular inspection of the property
  • Monthly computerized statements
  • Monthly progress report
  • Assets Management
  • Vendor and Suplier Management

We are dedicated to providing the finest service available. Get instant answers to many of your real estate questions. Member of professional organizations that provide us access to information's. We go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

S&A Management staffs are highly trained professionals work hard to ensure that each client receives the highest quality management available in the industry. S&A Management assures the success of the managers through continuing education programs and membership in professional organizations. Our staff of professional managers provides a resource and experience base, which is unmatched in the Bay Area.

Upon request we can setup and maintain a property website that provide additional information that can be accessed. As an example you can find a sample of a property we manage. Please visit the link:

  • Sample-1 Managed Building Website Link
  • Sample-2 Managed Building Website Link